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Sebon® Casting Spare Parts for Terex-Finlay® Crusher Spares

Sebon® Casting is a professional crusher spares supplier who can provide all possible spares you may need for your crushing equipment. All the spare parts provided by Sebon Casting are backed with the ISO 9001 Certificate and shipped only after passing our quality control procedures. The sales team at Sebon Casting are ready to help you with technical help and inquiry reply. Our engineers would like to answer your technical questions. Talk to Sebon Casting about your specific needs now!

Terex-Finlay® Crusher Apare Parts

Tracked Jaw® Range – J-1160 | J-1175 | J-1148
Tracked Cone ® Range – C1540 | C1540RS | C1550
Tracked Impact ® Range – I-110 | I-110RS | I-130 | I-130RS

31.09.0101SWING JAW S TOOTHJ-1160
31.09.0100FIXED JAW S TOOTHJ-1160
31.09.0104SWING JAW QUARRY J-1160
31.09.0102FIXED JAW QUARRYJ-1160
31.09.0188UPPER LINER PLATEJ-1160
31.09.0104LOWER LINER PLATEJ-1160
31.09.0112WEDGE FIXED CHEEKSJ-1160
31.10.0205FIXED JAW QUARRYJ-1175
31.10.0210SWING JAW QUARRYJ-1175
31.10.0502CHEEKPLATE - UPPERJ-1175
31.10.0506CHEEKPLATE - LOWERJ-1175
31.10.0235WEDGE SWING JAWJ-1175
31.10.0418TOGGLE SEATJ-1175
31.10.0416TOGGLE PLATE 590mmJ-1175
31.10.0420TOGGLE PLATE 570mmJ-1175
31.10.0504MIDDLE CHEEK PLATEJ-1175
31.10.0230SWING WEAR PLATEJ-1175
31.10.1173SWING JAW S TOOTHJ-1175
31.10.1174FIXED JAW S TOOTHJ-1175
31.10.0212SWING JAW QUARRY 22%J-1175
31.10.0207FIXED JAW QUARRY 22%J-1175
31.12.0316CONCAVE MN18C-1540
31.12.0252MANTLE MN18C-1540
31.12.0355MANTLE MN22C-1540
31.12.0358CONCAVE MN22 C-1540
Terex-Finlay® is one of the leading brand in crusher design and manufacturing. Terex-Finlay crushers equipment are popular around the world. Sebon Casting can offer the genuine spare parts for Terex-Finlay crushers equipment. Some Terex-Finlay spare parts are just kept on stock.
Terex-Finlay® is a mark of Terex-Finlay Corporation and/or its affiliates. Sebon Casting is not an authorized repair facility nor does it have any affiliation relation with Terex-Finlay.
These terms are used for identification purpose only and are not intended to indicate affiliation with or approval by Terex-Finlay. All Crusher spare parts are manufactured by Sebon casting, and warranted by Sebon Casting. Crusher spares from Sebon Casting have no any relation with the original equipment manufacturer.


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